Turning the whole country upside down over a house in Oxley road?

July 4, 2017

Ok now that we all know the house at Oxley road is just a house like any other house in Singapore. And it’s not some super duper power house like Excalibur, the Jedi arcanum, alien stargate, or even where X marks the spot in so far as it’s the location where Yamashita’s golden Buddha is buried…..can we please just demolish it please.

After all if the cost of preserving the house demands such an exorbitantly high price as to even threaten to tear Singapore apart into ten million pieces….then surely it can’t be worth it.


‘Everyone in Parliament should not talk so much. Instead the speaker of the house should put on an apron and learn to operate a popcorn machine and transform Parliament into a cinema for one day and the whip should be activated to force every parliamentarian to watch the latest Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise.

The story goes like this, the ancient Egyptians were suddenly confronted by a malevolent force that they could neither understand or resolve. Any way to cut a long story short everyone was either dying off like flies or they were so scared that all of Egypt came to stand still. So one day a group of laterally thinking priest decided to tar pau (pack up) this evil force and they all carted it one thousand miles by camel power to this other place, built an underground cavern and submerged this thing into a pool of mercury to keep it benign and harmless from mankind….after that the Nile flowed happily again for a few centuries and everyone was very happy.

Maybe the same thing should be done to LKYs house in Oxley road…maybe every timber and brick and tile should be striped and put into a big box airdropped to somewhere like King Kong island marked with a label…open at your own risk!’

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