Latest update on my work & life

July 6, 2017

This is my schematic plan to replant the new land. Everything is going to schedule.

On the downside. Mabel has decided she no longer wants to play mummy and has left her pups to die. I now have to carry these pups in my car wherever I go and feed them with baby milk every two hours. I even have to break off important meetings just to feed these pups…fucking Chee Bai zero maternal instinct bitch! I knew she would double cross me. I have been carrying these pups in a bag the whole day!

I am already autistic. Now everyone thinks I am Super weird…..when was the last time you saw a man mixing baby milk powder and feeding 6 puppies in public like Charlie Chaplin one after another…..but what choice do I have.

Please hurry up and grow up lah!

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