The last tree

July 7, 2017

In the background is the last tree in the plot of 22 acres of land. I started this project on the 15th of last month. There is still a lot of work to do…roads…drains…culverts etc etc. But I will celebrate this important milestone by going to town this evening…I don’t usually go out after sun down…but I will make an exception this time. I will go to McDonald’s. Yes…that will be nice…to just sit down in an air con place. That will make me happy. I have a bottle of vintage wine that I have been saving for such a moment. It will go down well with my Big Mac and chips…..I just wished I had my lovely cow to share this milestone moment with me.

Tomorrow we will begin constructing the drainage…there is so much work to do.

On top of all this I have to take care of six puppies that I have to take with me wherever I go.

I wore my old climbing boots for the first time today in the field – it was good….very good.


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