Trusting Nature

July 9, 2017

In the beginning nature comes across as not a very pretty girl. She is slightly on the chubby side with very few endearing qualities it seems. I will describe her as strikingly beautiful or even remotely approaching attractive. As in the beginning her nature can never be fathomed and it is not unusual for the man to ask of her from time to time….why are you so like that all the time? Why can’t you be like all other girls who makes it easy for a man to fall in love? Why do you always have to be so difficult?

But the strangest thing is when one spends more time with nature….very slowly her beauty will emerge….it is a very slow process that I don’t believe can be rushed. It is difficult to say whether she grows on one or maybe one simply goes thru changes in the way steel gathers rust…..very hard to say.

But at some point in the relationship every man who spends so much of his time in the haunting embrace of nature will ultimately grow to love, respect and honor her.

There are really so many men in a man….so many.


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