Eye big big (Ebby)

July 10, 2017

She is the first to open her eyes in the litter of six pups. I’ve been taking care of them since their mummy abandoned them. When this one first laid eyes on me…she must have got a shock of her life and started to move her hands around frantically…maybe she’s not a dog…she might well be a baby ninja turtle after all. Her eyes were opened big big….her name shall be Ebby.

Welcome into the world Ebby.

On the work front. The weather has not be cooperating at all. It is the 10th July. The weather is usually scorching hot and bone dry this time of year. So hot that one can even poach an egg on the bonnet of the car during midday. But it is raining cats and dogs instead a cold weather front from the east seems to be closing in fast….it will certainly bring more rain. Wheeled heavy machinery cannot operate well when the soil is slushy….I will need to bring in chain tracked heavy machinery to speed up the earthworks.

Next week another excavator and two bulldozers and half track truck will feature at the work site. The unexpected rains has forced me to radically alter my replanting strategy. All my plans are out of the window and I’ve had to improvise. I will need to dig deep trenches and push all the debris into them along with spirit level the ground to prepare replanting the new seedlings….the cost is going to go up.

But it is still within budget.

I have a feeling the monsoon will break earlier than usual this year…I need to complete all earth works and surveying by the end of this month. Usually replanting takes about three months….but I have to try to wrap it all up by the end of this month.

We will work at night as well….I will camp out field. The pups will keep me company.


‘To remain gainfully human is not something that can be casually retained in the wild. Don’t be stupid – surely you have seen roots wedge concrete apart like egg shells….there is nothing more powerful than nature…it’s always reaching out….always searching…always encroaching….it’s relentless. Turn your back and she…nature has moved a whole inch….she’s always growing.

It takes considerable effort and will power to resist this relentless force. As the wild has an insidious way of whirling it’s way into a man’s heart and soul like a tendril only to wrap around his soul like a plant to eventually suffocate it.

To remain human has to be an act of daily resistance….I make a daily effort to remain human…I wake up iron my field wear….shave….pomade my hair…read a passage of poetry…play the violin…to remind myself I am human.

I am human….I am human….I am human. I even resist the temptation of eating my meals with my hands. The urge comes to me some times. But it’s not something that I do just to fit in. Or for that matter gain the approval of people who I hardly care about. Rather to me it has to resembles a militant refusal to allow the wild to ever get a foot hold on my soul….I have to really make an effort to be human.

Left to it own….a man…any man will be overwhelmed by the wild. In the depths of the jungle…he will begin to study shadows against the wall…laugh out loud at imaginary fathoms and soon he will put on war paint and go out stark naked under the wan of the moonlight to commune with wild. Soon he will transformed into a vampire.

There was such a creature in these parts many years ago. Some say the creature must be a tortured soul. He would go out into darkness and hunt and in the morning the terror of his handiwork would be revealed for all to see….ripped wild boar with their entrails splayed out…and their heads smashed with a rock.

There were even reports that such a creature could only have been a sort of werewolf…but no one could ever be sure. As all attempts to hunt the beast down ended only in deepening the mystery.

Many said it was an educated man who had made an unholy pack with the devil himself. Others insisted he might have even belonged to the aristocracy of the landowning gentry.

But all agreed such a malevolent creature must have been devoid of all humanity and civilisations to have done the things he did in the veil on darkness.

One day this creature disappeared completely….but I know who he is….I know.’

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