Good conversations that lead to unexpected surprises

July 12, 2017

During a meeting with the surveyors early this morning. I was asked a question that had absolutely nothing to do with what I or they were there for. The question was asked rather innocently by a young lady who I had the impression was thinking aloud and who was not even supposed to speak during the meeting.

I could sense the question piqued the interest of her bosses and those around the table as an air of expectancy hung over the meeting room….that prompted me to proceed to the white board where I proceeded to explained why I believe the textbook method of replanting contained such serious flaws that required me to craft my own methodology.

I explained methodically and slowly elaborating various aspects of my own home spun mathematical formulas in such a manner where they all eventually understood.

At the end of it the girl expressed…how very interesting I never thought it could have been done that way before till today…shortly thereafter her bosses looked at each other and said, I think we can both learn a lot from each other….. for your case we will undertake to complete the project at cost price.

I looked a bit embarrassed….as if I had gone somewhere else. I am sure it would cost so much that it would simply be way out of my limited budget….I need this last piece of data that requires specialised instruments that needs to be flown in….it is the missing jig saw in my replanting project….without it there is no possible way for me to truly know whether I was right to have done so many of the things I did since starting this project.

I am very very grateful.

I don’t know precisely why they volunteered to do what they did…..I can only speculate no end, but for the life of me I really don’t have a clue.

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