When a Cold War makes absolutely perfect sense

July 12, 2017

Today I brusquely rebuffed an attempt by a mediator sent by a rival landowner to start peace talks. The way I see it. If we make peace. Then I would probably be forced to comprise – where in the long term the pay outs would be dramatically less than if I continue to run with the wolves.

With the current cold war between us – I have every justification to move beyond my current confines and to even encroach into his territory.

He has read the terrain very well. I will give him that much. As he needs peace more than me. As peace between us would allow him to delineate what is his and mine and to even draw a broadline to create such a thing as a boundary….this would effectively seal my fate and box me in for good.

I have to find a way to set aside the peace talks indefinitely. Or at least delay them so that I can make my next move.

Perhaps I should take out my hanky and pretend to cry again while wailing for all to see that all I really desire is peace while I secretly prepare for war. Then again that capper is unlikely to work since I have done it so many times.

Maybe I should take my shoe and bang it on the table and shout out loud for all to hear that I have been discriminated or I have not been treated fairly….but again…I have also done that so many times. And it too is unlikely to go down well.

No! A better way would be to engineer yet another incident where I can only be seen as responding reasonably to a threat to give me the necessary excuse I need to allow me to expand beyond my current boundary into his.

The problem is he seems to know this only too well….and he’s not giving me anything resembling an excuse and even less of a justification to make that sort of move.

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