Making it right for a puppy called Shadow

July 23, 2017

Shadow is the odd one out in the litter of six pups. She has neither Spitz or Rotweiller markings unlike the other pups. She is much smaller. Neither is shadow cuddly and cute like the other pups…her head is slightly bent and her backbone seems to suffer from a slight curve. As such the other pups don’t seem to want to include Shadow in their play activities. Shadow is always alone. That is why I have called her shadow – as she is there with the rest of the pups…but never truly there.

Whenever shadow tries to join the other pups. They all growl at her and so she is always alone.

I have seen this before…this is nature’s way to kill off the weak and only keep the strong….but I know how to bring out the best in dogs…one day shadow will be brightest of the pack.

You mark my words….as what I say will come to past.


‘I once came across a man who once told me the reason why Politicians need to be paid millions in Singapore is because there is an acute shortage of talent. I went on to ask of this man…how this acute shortage in talent come about? He seemed quite irritated by my line of questioning that for some inexplicable reason he considered impertinent and even rude….only for him to answer back with a raised voice….we all know talent is finite…not everyone has the right stuff…you know what I mean?

I went on ask again. No I don’t have any idea what you mean. May I ask the question again…how did this acute shortage of talent come about in Singapore? Who is responsible for this sad state of affairs? Has this person been jailed for his incompetence and dereliction of duty in failing to do his job properly.

Finally this person got so exasperated he stormed off not before shouting at me.

Till today no one seems to be able to answer my question…I shall write more about this subject when I return back from the field. I need to pay more attention to Shadow. For one I need to teach her how to walk. She is a bit slow when compared to the rest of her siblings….but that is not something that cannot be easily fixed with a bit of patience and coaching…no. It is not a big problem.’

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