Travel well my fine feathered friends

July 23, 2017

I was out in the field today. I stayed longer than usual. When I looked up I saw my friends…the birds flying south east. This can only mean one thing – the dry season is late in the coming this year and my fear is the heat wave is going to last longer than usual…perhaps maybe all the way into April and possibly May….my friends the birds are never wrong….they can sense these microscopic weather changes that even modern instruments cannot.

I have relied on my friends the birds to tell me what will happen to the weather for many years…they are very reliable and rarely ever wrong.

I must make hasty preparations for a long and protracted drought….I fear that things will get rough and tough…that is sad. As I had hoped to take it a bit easier this year so that I can go back home to Singapore….it seems I will have delay my break to next year.

I feel sad….as I so want to return back home and spend time with those who I love….I want so much to sit in East Coast park and eat my homemade sandwiches and drink Apple juice from my thermos… day I will return back to Singapore…I miss eating Mee pok with pork satay and drinking dinosaur Milo.

I will return I promise….one day.

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