Puppies transitioning from milk to solids & earthworks

July 26, 2017

I have started to transition the puppies from a milk based regimen to solids. Most of the puppies seem to be able to make the switch without too much fuss. This feeding method forces the puppies to jostle aggressively to get their chow…it also teaches them not to waste food and eat within a very short time – this is the first lesson all hunting dogs must learn from a young age….there is no such thing as a free ride. Everything even the right to survive has to be fought tooth and nail over….when a puppy learns this basic life lesson only then can it thrive and learn how to be independent in the hostile environment of the field….if not it will die.

This I imagine must be a very stressful period for Shadow as some of the puppies are so round and aggressive they regularly edge her out of the feeding zone…so I have to put her back into the feeding circle time and again to build up her confidence and aggression and sharpen her primal instincts to fight and survive…. it takes some time for Shadow to learn this lesson.

When the dogs move from a milk base diet to pellets…I will hopefully be able to get more rest. As I need to only feed them three times a day instead of sixteen million times a day.

Work has started on the first of many trenches. They are very wide and deep. As they will have to contain much of the cellulose material that was previously the old trees. The placement of these trenches is a constant cause of concern as I have to make sure they don’t inadvertently innuadate the land with water during the rainy season – I am relying on data that I collected during the previous rainy season to landscape the current network of trenches.

These trenches will keep the cellulose material damp and wet and speed up their break down into compost that will go back to nourish the land.

Many of the villagers have come out to watch these trenches been built. They have never seen such new methods of irrigating the land.

In the long term when the organic material breaks down and returns to the land – these trenches will serve as flood mitigation devices and also as canals to irrigate the land. If plantations in Indonesia all adopted this new method of oil palm crop management…there would be no such things as fires or for that matter the perennial haze.

Everything in life just comes right down to sound planning and competent execution.

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