Scientific farming & raising 6 pups

July 29, 2017

Today a villager asked me – why are you doing all these new things….I told him in a sardonic tone…one day you will know.

Truth is man does not respect nature. Not enough at least. His current methods of farming can at best be described as strip mining….but nature has began to fight back!

The occurrence of crop diseases has multiplied exponentially since man embarked on the whole sale exploitation of the land.

I choose to farm sustainably….as I have a deep respect for the land. I love her. When one loves….it is very easy to go the long and hard way…so easy.

I am returning precious bio material back to the land. Many of the trenches have been calculated to break down the material within a specified time. They may look like a simple ditch. But everything is very detailed and specific. When the bio material turns into compost this will nourish the land….and in the long term I will need to use less chemical and artificial fertilisers to grow crops.

That will be good for both people and planet….I so want to farm the right way. My hope is when I do this. More farmers will follow me…one day.

Many farmers do not realise why I go to such lengths…that is because they do not realise how vicious and vindictive nature can be when one disrespects and mistreats her….she will hold back!

The only way to change attitudes is to demonstrate to others my new methods of farming makes $ sense.

Many of the methods I have developed are new and they have never been seen before in the oil palm world.

Farming does not have to be based on a take, take and take philosophy. With a bit of thoughtfulness and consideration….it is possible to grow healthy and delicious crops and turn a decent profit without destroying the good earth.

Respect is very important.

Today I was able to get back from work earlier than usual – I took the dogs for a swim to cool down. As it’s another hot scorching day.

Froggy is the only pup that seems perfectly at ease with water. He likes to swim like a fish. As for the others, they seem a bit scadey cat….but that will soon past. Plantation dogs have to be trained very early on in their life not to fear water…as in a plantation there are many streams and even rivers than need to be crossed during a trek.

Tenzing is impersonating a submarine.

I am very tired. Sun burnt. Tomorrow is a Sunday. The workers have decided to take a break. As many are spent. I will go to the city and eat chapati and mutton curry for breakfast. I will look forward to that.

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