The contract girlfren

July 30, 2017

I slept in this morning. Woke up around eightist which is quite late for me. I have not had a break for a very very long time. I drove to town…a very small town to have chapati and mutton curry for breakfast.

It was delicious and the first proper meal since I started the replanting project.

Thereafter I drove to the mall to stock up on much needed provisions. Hardly had I wheeled the trolley to the aisle. A girl stood before me. She was smiling mischievously.

She’s the girl who always seems to be promoting cars in the mall..the girl who keeps pestering me to take her on as a contract girlfriend.

Looking at her….I couldn’t help but wonder to myself…this has to be a miracle.

The way I figure it, is like this….everyone gets a miracle in their lives. I would probably never be able to summit Everest. Win the national lottery. Or contract a rare disease where hair starts growing everywhere in my body till I resemble a werewolf. May not even have the privilege to see a real life UFO and may probably have to settle for the everydayness of unleaded fuel only…..but if one considers the unlikeliness of all of these events as a whole basket of events….there’s always the possibility one of these unlikely events will happen!

There is a real statistical possibility.

I could have been struck by lightning twice in the same place. Seen it rain blood and frogs. Could have even made it as an astronaut to a Mars Mission. Be able to stand before a hundred foot tsunami wave and still survive and talk about it.

But my miracle is exceptionally different from all the above described. As my miracle is simply this – I happen to be the only man who this girl standing right before me considers to be the perfect prospect for her to offer her incomparable service as a contract girlfriend.

I will be perfectly honest….it’s not the first time that she has made such an offer. Infact on virtually every single occasion when I stock up on food in the mall – the contract girlfriend is always trying to convince me how great an idea it is…and on virtually every single occasion it starts, proceeds and ends the same way.p…She pitches. I make some excuse that it’s really something that simply will never work, while she helps me load up provisions.

We have covered all possible reasons why it’s a good and terrible idea everything actually from the wisdom of why leasing is much better to contracting to buy to the whole subject of why value in such a transaction can only diminish and end in acrimony….to how I could never be able to afford such an arrangement without running into bankruptcy.

The real miracle about my association with this girl is I even allow her to pester me no end, celebrate stupidity while constantly summoning my intellect to explain why it’s such a bad idea…usually I would make a growling face and these strange people would just run away….but no. It’s miraculous. It has to be. As I even take the trouble to be gentle, considerate and exceptionally patient to explain in every possible manner why it’s just a terribly bad idea.

That has to be surprising even for me…as I never knew that I had such reserves of patience, sagacity and even stamina to see it thru that way…in that sense it has to be a miracle.

I don’t really know whether this girl is just up to mischief or maybe I happen to be butt of some cruel joke….but whatever it is…it has to be a miracle of sorts in my life.


‘If you were born beautiful in the moment of your youth – do not try to be clingy to those things that were not supposed to last. Do not try to remain young and fresh forever. As all you are doing is fashioning a God of delusion that will lead you to endless suffering and cancer of the wallet.

I know there may well be many things one can do to seemingly preserve youthfulness, by all means go as far as you need too, if that make you happy and gives you confidence.

Only always cultivate a keen sense of reality and balance about the prospects of aging and above all don’t go overboard in trying to stop the chastening passage of time. That is hardly realistic nor achievable. You might as well go and plough the sea.

In other words learn to be comfortable with the idea – as you age into your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond.

Every level of life that you will go thru will provision loads of opportunities for you to be beautiful in your own way.

For instance a young girl may be beautiful in her twenties, but in her forties and beyond she can also be very attractive as well, as her maturity, quality of thoughts, rich experienced outlook towards life lends her character, complexity and depth. An ice cool coke may be great on a hot day! But sometimes you want a certain sophistication and refinement in a woman, like a 2009 Santa Rita Sauvignon.

It is same with a man, when he is young, he is like a wild open top roadster that can tear from zero to sixty in six seconds flat! But who is to say the man of seasons of his age, in his forties, fifties and beyond, cannot come across as attractive in his own right as well – as at that later stage in his life, he knows how and when to pick his battles like chess pieces. He even knows when to push hard and hold back. He’s got just enough scars to remind himself not to stretch his neck too far out – he takes risk, but only calculated ones….those are very attractive qualities in a man.

He is like a stately and polished S class Mercedes speeding thru the windy Pyrenees. Here there may certainly not be the rush of raw unplugged power like the feisty cabriolet roadster. Then again that is not a dimension of the driving experience one expects from a well heeled saloon…..the ride is tamed…controlled…but nonetheless powerful in it’s own right with the right driver behind the wheel. One may not feel the edge of the open cockpit driving experience, but it is undeniably powerful under its own terms in a very different sort of way that even makes it special, as the level of control is supremely confident and surefooted.

Power without the ability to control is worthless, now you know why so many rich idiots die in Ferraris with China prostitutes.

Both ideals, the beauty early and later on in a man’s and woman’s life are beautiful in their own way as what they offer is unique and different.

However, if you are in your forties, but you still have your eye in the wrong place and still furiously chasing youth like a teenager or pursuing diversions which cannot possibly be of your age. Or you like that contract girlfriend who is just milking her beauty and youth for what it’s worth. Then I say you are in very dangerous territory.

As when one invest in the wrong things in life, there can be no such thing as harmony….no symmetry….no adherence to form and function….no such thing as maturity even and very little in the way of lasting wisdom – as at that stage in life you should have already weaned yourself from meaningless and trivial self consciousness pursuits that add very little to your character.

If a man is in his forties, fifties and beyond doesn’t cultivate himself well. He will never develop the essential gravitas, depth and nuance in his character. Instead he becomes a caricature of his age….this to me is the height of ugliness.

Or if a woman in her forties is still making hay out of her good looks dressed as a teen instead of leveraging on her attractiveness…she too will be very ugly…a joke.

Do you see what I mean? There is this idea of the complex man and woman – the multi layered man and woman who experiences things in life, reflects on them and draws valuable life lessons.’

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