Being alone

July 31, 2017

If one cannot find happiness being alone. It simply means the origin of that sort of happiness is from the external world…since it is not internally generated…it must always be stimulated externally thru either endless distractions, friends or constantly playing with the smart phone.

True happiness can only be discovered somewhere in the wilderness of the self….where does one find a sparkling diamond…is it not in the dankness of darkness deep in the bowels of the earth where even angels fear to tread. In the same way, true happiness can only be born out from the suffering of tragic loneliness…only from the wreckage of the human soul can one discover ones true self and this will be the key that will turn the lock to the door of true happiness within.

This will always be a mystery to those who always keep running away from themselves.


‘When a man stands alone and faces the capriciousness and vagaries of all that world would care to throw at him. The first thing he realises is – there is no one to blame except him when things don’t go the way it’s supposed to go. This man may at first kick the shit out of himself – but eventually even such a man will come to terms with how it’s best to treat the thrill of success and agony of defeat as one of the same.

Give more time this man may even treat himself better. For one he would beat himself less when he gets it wrong or when things don’t go his way…or maybe he would laugh out loud like some raving mad man when he reflects on what he once did just because he feared to fail….but eventually all men who have to confront loneliness can’t be too hard or judgemental or even sharp around the edges if they are to go on living in such a manner with the constant mistress of loneliness….a settling of sorts is bound to occur where water might just find it’s level…and when this period of reckoning comes to past.

I think all men who live alone will eventually discover happiness. That is really how I see it…one just needs to give oneself a chance.’

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