Work & the call of the wild

August 2, 2017

Wild dogs will usually come down from the mountains during the dry season. That could well be why a pack of them seems to wandering the site. They may look the same as all other dogs….but they’re very different. For one the wild pack is highly organized into strict divisions of labor where there might perhaps be warrior…scout….hunter gatherer…leader dogs etc etc.

This morning I came across a brown mut – he is a pathfinder cum scout dog. A sort of spy. He was growling at me. But when I told him in dog lingo – you have nothing to fear. He came to my side and began to follow me. The rest are probably hiding in the thicket. I caught sight of them a few days ago.

Wild dogs should be fed. As once this is done they become domesticated or worst still cultivate the habit of scavenging rubbish and throw away’s of humans.

It’s usually very difficult to impossible to get close to a wild dog. But this one seems to have taken a shine to me…maybe he thinks I am wild as well. I need to be very careful that this mut doesn’t let out a distress signal. As if he does so – the rest of the pack will shift from wait and see to combat mode…wild dogs have been known to kill people in the field.

I will speak to the leader this afternoon – I want to contract their services to guard over the heavy machinery during the night.

On the work front. Things are progressing at a speedy rate. The dry weather makes it possible to move earth without too much fuss. We have started on a series of internal trenches where fresh earth is dredged to the top and the old contaminated soil along with cellulose material from the chipped trees is returned to the trenches.

This is one way to nutrify the soil. A lot of calculations need to be done to get the trench line just right – it must run straight as an arrow with only 2 inches of adjustments at each side….if the deviation goes beyond that tolerance at any point along the length of the trench line it will affect the replanting line….the excavator driver is very stressed….as I am watching him while he works like a hawk.

These trenches feature between every five row of palms. For the first two years when the palms are young. They will only serve the function of breaking down the cellulose material from the felled trees to renutrify the land.

When the trees grow to 2 – 2.5 years. They will start bearing fruit. When that comes I will be able to irrigate the trees using the trench line as a canal. This is may well be necessary – as I have observed the weather is becoming more erratic these days. The cycle of drought seems to be longer with each passing year….these days it is no longer possible to predict the weather.

These trenches are very expensive to construct. But I feel given the erratic weather patterns we have been experiencing for the last four years. They may well be the only way to farm sustainably in the future.

In peace prepare for war.

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