Replanting & bird

August 3, 2017

This was what it looked like at the start of the replanting project when the old palms were felled.

This is after tons of cellulose material comprising of the old palms have been cleared. About forty percent is completed. Yesterday we completed the western section of the land. All the outer edges have been done. We will now move inwards.

The weather seems to be holding up very nicely despite reports of rain all around us. We will push ahead.

I am very tired and sunburnt. I would appreciate it if someone could write to Mr Chuan and ask him for a reliable brand of sun block and how to use it….I don’t know how to use sun block. But I really must. I reckon. As my skin is already peeling.

This is a brown finch. It hails from East Africa. It has been perching on the same marker stand for the last three days. It is a very melodious bird. I enjoy his or her company very much. I haven’t seen one in years. This is the first time I have been able to get so close to a brown finch.

Moderate rain at around 2.45. Work has to stop.

Boots clumped with mud. I have taken advantage of the rains to check out the areas that need redoing.

North West entrance section of land. Work so far.

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