Work & Alien plant

August 4, 2017

We are on the last and final leg of the big push. At this stage work would have to be round the clock as the weather has changed suddenly and unexpectedly and dramatically….it seems more rain may be headed our way.

We have to double efforts as when the soil is too wet, cutting and splicing and moving it by heavy machinery may spoil the soil structure.

In earth works rain is our greatest enemy….but I am calm very as since we have completed the hardest part two weeks ahead of schedule – the boundary line. The work inwards is unlikely to present much problems as there is a lot of area to move around without the running the risk of clashing. Neither am I afraid of cost overruns, as everything is still well below the red line.

This is the method that we use to keep the excavator straight like an arrow.

The internal trenches run five feet deep and wide. It is exceptionally large even by commercial plantation standards. But there is a lot of organic material that used to be the remnants of the old trees that needs to be disposed. Usually disposal is accomplished by open burning….it’s very polluting to the air quality and is a perennial problem that can only be eradicated when farmers understand the economics of taking the high road instead of short cutting their way to the bank.

My hope is many will be internally persuaded by what I am trying to accomplish.

This is a better way only because it is sustainable to both people and planet…it may be more expensive in short term. But in the long term this new method of plantation management will restore back the nutrients to the land and it makes a lot of $ sense.

I have incorporated many modern techniques that I have been spent years researching quietly like a secret agent…it is all now put into action..a man asked me one afternoon…you have done all this before…where? I told him in my mind…in truth this project fills me with a mixture of fear and trepidation as I am not truly sure whether some of theories can past from the realm of imagination to reality smoothly.

But I must try my very best to put up a brave front….we will win!

Soil test need to be done regularly along the depth of the trench line. On this particular plot of land. We are exceptionally lucky as the soil is good to moderate even at depths of five feet. In other areas the soil is so poor that after two feet it is just clayish soil good only for manufacturing making pottery.

The excess soil dredged up will form the new layer of top soil. The current top layer is so evacuated of biological material due to years of excessive chemical fertilisation and rampant herbicide application – it may look like soil…but it’s dead.

Commercial farming is not unlike strip mining. It is very disrespectful to nature and as a consequence man is paying a very heavy price for his arrogance and unmitigated greed. As nature has responded by creating a range of diseases to make it unprofitable for most farmers to replant oil palm.

When the oil palm seedlings are still young. I will lease the land out to plant banana for two years and two months. This is a form of permaculture which can only be very good for oil palm.

During this period a new layer of top soil will hopefully be recreated.

This is the only tree that is left standing on my land. The rest have all be felled. It’s a very old durian tree that was once struck by lightning many years ago, but some how managed to hold on to dear life.

When I was asked by the excavator driver whether it should be felled. I took a long look at the tree and said, it would be very disrespectful if we do such a thing. Heaven will not look kindly on our rash act. When he asked me why. I told him this tree has gone thru so very much that the fact it is still alive must at least stand as a symbol of strength, endurance and fortitude…if we cut this tree, it also means these noble qualities do not mean anything to us and heaven will punish us….besides these are the qualities that I deeply admire and strive to cultivate constantly…….I am good with my hands….one day I will build a tree house on the tree that refuses to die.

It would be a very nice place to take an afternoon nap or to stay a night over out in the glory of the open.


‘As a farmer when you love nature it is very easy to do the right thing….I Guess that is the way with all jobs…it really doesn’t matter whether you are a minister or a janitor. You just have to fall in love with your job….only the can it become significant and acquire the magical quality of the special.’

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