Phase 1 of replanting finished!

August 8, 2017

Phase 1 involves felling all the trees, chipping them, uprooting and sanitizing each hole (1,250) to remove infected roots and material, trenching the boundary line with five feet wide and six foot deep drains, surveying internal trenching, levelling the land and disposing the material in an orderly way that leaves the site clean for work in Phase 2.

We are two and a half weeks ahead of schedule. Within budget….I am very tired.

I have done the very best I can. There is absolutely nothing that I can think of for this moment that I would have done differently…to my understanding it’s as close to perfection as I have always imagined it to be. I have incorporated many innovative features that I developed myself to mitigate against diseases along with nutrifying the land. It should work. Now it’s all in the hands of the trees.

I should be happy but the sudden demise of the pups the day before has cast a gloomy spell on what should have been cause for celebration. The moment it finished a big rain came…..I had planned to go to McDonald’s in the city to celebrate and order myself a combo meal with extra chips and wash it down with a cellared bottle of wine.

But I am just not in the mood. Now I just want a hot shower, scrub the dirt off underneath my nails, cook something heart warming, read a little and put my head on a clean white pillow and sleep and dream about happy moments without ever bothering about what time I should wake up.

That’s all I really want to do…it’s done.


‘The sheer scale of the undertaking would make you poop in your pants! Yes it would. Trust me! It’s so big a geography that you wouldn’t even know where to begin wrapping your head around….but how do you eat an elephant…cut it up into tiny pieces. Yes….look at it. Don’t be afraid. Really look at it for hours on end…day in and out….that’s what I usually do when I am up before a mammoth undertaking. I look at it….I look at it even when most men have rolled their eyes scream out loud it’s impossible and thrown their clipboards and stormed right out of the door. I look at it….and soon the sum of all your fears will begin to assume the rightful scale and proportion. Soon what was once filled with terror is magically rendered so small like a mouse.

Yet I look on….all the while jotting down the various details of what I see…like this is where I will begin…that is a foothold that I will use to get me up there and so on and so forth.

At some point somewhere in what I can only describe as a meditative experience that is when I just know it’s doable.

That’s really how scaddy cats like me go about taking on a very big thing…..we cut it into little pieces and chow it down….anyone can do it, if only they can bear out patiently looking on when all others have long since thrown in the towel and stomped off at a once big and scary thing.

You see it’s after all relative…size that is…and that’s just another way of saying it’s all in your head.’

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