Sudden demise of the puppies

August 8, 2017

It all unfurled like a nightmare. It happened very fast and suddenly. Within a matter of hours. It started with Ebby. Then the rest fell ill….and within hours they died one by one.

Ebby, Froggy, Mao Mao, Tenzing…they’re all gone.

Only Shadow and another pup who I am yet to name are still alive.

It must be some vicious virus that they have no immunity against. My only consolation is they didn’t suffer a lingering death.

I was hoping they could keep me company as it is so very lonely in the wild. I was looking forward so much to see them all grow up…even built them kennels for the rainy season….maybe I will be luckier next time.

Travel well my children..Papa will see you in his next life.


‘If you ever get an opportunity to speak to a planter. You know a real frontier man who even has plenty of scars to prove that he once cut his teeth in the wild. The self made variety that probably started off with only a humble veggie patch. The sort whose always seems to prefer nursing his brandy all alone in the shadows even when everyone else in the party is swinging like monkeys on the chandeliers.

It might be a very good idea never to bring up the subject of a creator.

Instead you should talk about the ever lasting allure of power tools. Cars are always good to go. Maybe perhaps even travels or better still the weather….but you should never encroach on the area of religion or for that matter the creator.

No. That would certainly not be a subject for congenial conversations with such a variety man. With other men perhaps who did not have bear first hand the inequities brought forth by the many vagaries and caprice of what life may have once thrown at him….but never to a frontier man.

You see it is very simple actually….when you have lived the life of a frontier man and seen first hand how diabolically cruel and ruthless the world can be….there can be so such thing as a God.

He simply doesn’t exist. He is just a figment of one’s imagination. Otherwise how could one possibly explain the things that this man before you once experienced.’

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