Phase 2 – The mythical lover

August 9, 2017

Nature absolutely abhors the idea growing the same crop again and again on the same plot of land. To her understanding. Nothing can be more unnatural…nothing. Absolutely nothing can match the effrontery of trying to do just that…..and she will do everything in her power to kill every single tree the second time round.

Only the most accomplished planter can pull off this feat – to grow the same crop on the same plot of land. To succeed he would do well to understand the art of persuasion.

I will grow banana’s for two years and two months when the oil palm seedlings are still young….I am good with bananas. That will convince her that I have no intentions of being in her bad books. During this period my oil palm seedlings will be too small for her to throw a tantrum….the process is more of an art and science.

Above all it is an art of love that only the mythical lover can pull off with consumatte grace, ease and élan.

Yes that is what I will do….I will grow 🍌 to do so would not be enough to convince her of my intent…nature is after all most possessive and above all suspicious of any would be suitor. I would have to fashion myself as a saviour faire ‘que passe contigio tio? playboy…to put it another way.

I would have to be none other than the mythical lover and not a planter…only he can rush up her skirt when her back is turned momentarily…only he can succeed in the second replant.

The land is after all like a woman….all she needs is to be loved and respected and after that…if I am lucky…she may just decide to look the other way.

So I shall be him and he me….the mythical lover of lore.


‘One day, I simply appeared after her afternoon lectures in King’s college in my expensive Italian suit and slicked back hair. When her eyes caught mine in the crowd, she looked for a moment like someone who felt something stir inside her.

She wasn’t sure what it was, but the impression it had on her was profound. Jeannie Yu was like a moth being drawn to the naked flame of a candle. Every moment would draw her deeper and deeper into the depths of my fiery eyes – heightening her awareness, she was not simply any woman, but the only woman a man such as myself was content to look upon for the rest of all eternity.

In a while, her eyes came to rest on mine and she became quite still, like a lotus on a calm pond. The slight quivering of her lips as they began to part like the moist petals of a lotus after the rains – her eyes watery reflecting fascination and fear like a ripple in moonlit waters gave the impression of woman who was falling uncontrollably in love.

Yet I continued starring oblivious of even time, space or even the English boy at her side who must have said something like “are you coming?” Even then she hardly heard or even cared to look his way.

In a while, this English boy disappeared with the rest of the crowd, leaving only both of us standing by the steps and four body guards standing some distance away. Yet even then, I did not speak and just at the moment when she came to her senses and would be expected to turn away or say something like, “why do you look at me in this way, do you not know it is rude”. Her hands fidgeted with her necklace nervously and just when her eyes tore away and she felt the first wave of embarrassment brushing her flushed red cheeks for having allowed herself to behave in this matter before a stranger.

I moved in with the spirit of a man who was about to pluck a fruit just when it had reached it’s sweetest moment – Jeannie Yu never had a chance, it was love at first sight.’

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