When it makes far more sense to be at war than peace

August 10, 2017

Today an emissary from a group of powerful landowners approached me. It seems they may be seeking for an peaceful resolution to the on going Cold War between me and them.

It seems now I have grown so big….I can no longer be ignored or pushed to one side like a ragged doll and forgotten.

I came directly to the point and asked of this emissary, ‘what is the point of peace when I get so little out of it? Surely we cannot be just pursuing peace for the sake of peace? If the idea of peace is to have any value then it must surely pay out more than the prospects of war. I went on to add, ‘maybe I should take my chances in the high seas like the battleship Bismarck…maybe I will get lucky and even manage to sink a couple of them.

The emissary finally grew most exasperated and asked,

‘Yes…you can certainly do all that and judging from your past history…you will certainly sink a couple. That I have no doubt. Only understand this!’ That was when the emissary turned to me with what I can only describe as a hard tone approaching seriousness only to say, ‘but never forget you will go down.’ Then as if realising he may have pushed to hard, the emissary relented and asked in a tone of absolute supplication….’what do you really want?’

I merely replied, ‘I wish for peace that pays out more than war….if I can assure of just that you have my word that I will do everything in my power to strive for peace.’

That was when I pretended to cry and even hit my head forcefully and started ranting……I did not want to be like this! I had to be hard as they all ganged up on me…all I ever wanted was peaceful coexistence…but they kept attacking me. Soon I had to defend myself. I am a victim of circumstances.’

I should really be nominated for an Oscar award for the way I put up a show.


‘The real reason why these evil landowners want peace has nothing whatsoever to do with the love of peace. Rather it is because they stand to face off against an external enemy. Another group of landowners from the East who are slowly and surely muscling into their traditional zone of control. They need me on their side to simply make up the numbers….they can’t afford to fight a war at two fronts.

I have no beef against those landowners from the East. So I will reach out to them and even offer my assistance. But this must be done secretly. At the same time I will pretend to sue for peace with these evil landowners. I will drag the process and use it to buy time. Meanwhile I will try to get concessions from both camps in exchange for my support. At the same time I will relay fictitious information to boths groups especially to those from the East and supply them with vital intelligence on where best to lay their plans.

I will instigate an intercinal trade war between both camps.

These two groups can go and kill each other for all I care….whoever emerges as the winner will be so weakened by this prolonged war of attrition.

I am more than willing to take them on and I will win!

All warfare is based on deception.’

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