Never make up just for the sake of making up

August 11, 2017

If a personal or professional relationship keeps subtracting all the time. Then there is absolutely no point to strive for peace. Under those corrosive circumstances it is best to settle for detente or a controlled Cold War.

This way you will be in a better negotiating position.


‘If a group of people keep trying to take advantage of you. Then the suggested response should really be quite logical. Cut them off. Make it difficult for them to gainfully approach you. Better still make it impossible for them to ever approach you.

But if you buy blindly into the idea of peace without ever once considering what advantage you might stand to get out of it.

Or worse still blindly agree to enter into a peaceful truce just for the sake of being peaceful.

Then not only are you giving bullies the right to continue bullying you. But since you don’t seem to be able to convey the resolve of your displeasure or disagreement as to what they once tried to do to you. You can only come across as a pushover.*

And if that happens, not only will you not be in an advantageous position to make it difficult for crooks to approach you. Neither is it possible for you to adopt the strategy of someone who is unapproachable without coming across as anti social. Worst of all you might even lose your elemental right and independence to say ‘No!’

A man who cannot say ‘no’ will soon find himself in a corner.’

* In business you must always strive to be firm. This simply means you must be able to convey in clear and unambiguous terms to the other side what you are prepared to accept and what you simply have zero tolerance for.

If you cannot do this. Then it is better that you don’t go into business and remain as a salaried man forever. Because you will end up being a charitable organization instead of a successful enterprise owner.

I once entered into an agreement with a landowner to buy a plot of land. Subsequently I found out from his personal secretary who just happens to be my spy for a price of a bunch of plastic flowers – this crook was planning to jack up the price and pocket the difference….so I kicked up and big fuss and everyone who heard about it said, ‘look at him…he is the world’s greatest trouble maker!’

Not only did I deliberately make the matter big. I even held back my cooperation by deliberately being belligerent, insulting and sarcastic on every single occasion when I came across this crook. When this crook once offered me the peace pipe. I rejected it. And till today we are sworn enemies.

So today everyone knows for a radius of five hundred kilometres – when you do business with the man who lives on the hill….you better side aside your snakey ways.

Because he will take it personally.

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