On MRT breakdowns

August 19, 2017

In my humble opinion…if you fail. By all means try again and perhaps even again and it could be said again just for the sake of the road. But if after all that one still ends up going around in ever diminishing circles – then it is conceivable that instead of making progress. One is simply reinforcing failure and the best thing to do would be to work with professionals who may have a proven history of managing trains successfully.

There is no shame in my humble opinion to say I have done my best, but yet I cannot seem to make it right and consider working with professionals who know how to run trains. The Japanese for instance have elevated the art of train management to a theoretical science where it could be said they even live, eat and shit trains. So maybe Mr Khawn should consider inviting them to take up equity in MRT.

Like I said, there is no shame in saying I have done my very best, but I still can’t nail it. There is however great shame in telling everyone that the trains are good to go, but no one believes it…as they know otherwise.


‘In my understanding of the known world there is absolutely no shame in saying I cannot do this or that and I must learn from those who can do it well. For me it is very simple – if I cannot do it….then I cannot do it. It is zero or one. Very simple. There is no room for ego, pride or even such a thing as face.

That is why when I deal with people. Usually I will take off my sunglasses and tell them what I expect. After that I will offer them a sweet. And in the course of doing so I will tell them – by the way, failure is not an option….if you fail me this and that will happen to you. After that they gulp and I thank them for their understanding and consideration and they are promptly dismissed.

The problem is when people who cannot do it insist they can do a good job. And since all too often their insistence is premised on their own deluded estimation of their over inflated ego and pride….all they seem to end up doing is fashioning their own God of delusions which they past off to others as reality that no one can believe in.

Such people are too emotional in my opinion – as they cannot seem to see the error of their thinking. Worst of all they lie to themselves. As a consequence they can only cause many sleepless nights and much inconvenience.’

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