How to still the mind and be one with calmness

August 23, 2017

Many people have asked me this question. Some have even made it a point to search me out just to ask- how can I turn off the ceaseless chatter in their head? Some even believe this has to be a form of mental illness as since it is so noisy upstairs it even threatens to degrade their quality of life. Then there are others who simply search no end for the answer like a busy bumble bee flitting from self help books to meditation and mind control techniques…..but still the chatter persist and in some cases even grows louder.

The reason why these people who find it so difficult and in some cases even impossible to stop the noise in their mind and to regain inner stillness is because they have not bothered to ask the most needful question….there is flaw of thinking here… it is not the mind that is the cause of all this noise. Rather it is the conversation between the chattering mind and the listener who reacts to what the former has to say about this or that.

Is it not logical…for there to be a conversation there must first be someone talking and another who listening.

This should prompt the perceptive reader to ask – who is the listener? It is actually you…the mind is chattering away and you are listening and reacting to what it has to say about it’s various objects of interest. To be specific it is actually your ego that is the world’s most attentive listener. He is the one that is constantly jumping up and down to what the mind has to say… – look he has a better car than you! You react by being envious. He has more money than you! This makes you conscious of your own inadequacies. He went to a better university than you. This heigthens your inferiority complex. He looks like Chuando…you on the otherhand look like a bag of potatoes. You sign up for an expensive gym membership that you will later regret.

The reason why the listener is none other than your ego is because only the ego puts a tremendous amount of value and importance on what your mind has to say and that is because the ego is a self promoter par excellence – and that is really how you, me and everyone else inadvertently fashions themselves into the world’s most attentive and patient listener to the ceaseless chatter that comes from the mind.

So the solution to still the mind is not to stop the mind from chattering or preventing it turning its attention to this and that. You can do that if you like…but you have to take poison. After your heart stops then the mind will stop automatically. But a safer and better way is to simply take the listener to one corner and tell him – listen don’t pay Mr Mind too much attention…..he is likes to recycle on go on a loop.

This may seem easy to do…but it is not…it is very difficult…because one must first be conscious of why the listener has such a high appraisal of what the mind has to say and secondly one would need to confront the ego and tell him simply…don’t think you know everything…there are many things don’t know!

Once you cultivate this habit of being dismissive to what the mind has to say – then and only then will the noise in your head be silence very much in the way I don’t much care to listen to a bunch of drunks arguing how many angels they can fit on a pin head….infact I do this all the time with my mind when it tries to draw me into the gyre like a broken record…I just tune out. And once you have mastered this technique only then will the skeleton key to the door that leads to stillness appear magically in the palm of your hands.

It took me many years of patient observation all by myself in the wild to discover this.

Practice this daily….and you will find that your life will be quieter and with that stillness in the form of calmness will come naturally.


‘During the dead of night it is not unusual for me to take a midnight walk around the plantation. It is very cool at night and since there is hardly any light pollution. All the stars pop out right out with such uncanny clarity that it’s even possible to make out the Milky Way and the red planet Mars. I can spend hours just looking at the stars and during these moments there is hardly a thought in my mind. As the sheer majesty of the night sky can truly render one so small and insignificant that words are truly meaningless and even unnecessary….I don’t think it’s bad at all for one to feel so small that one may even keep quiet and look at the world with eyes of wonderment of not knowing….no. As it is in these moments when we are truly mindful of how small and insignificant we truly are that we begin to discover who we are in stillness.’

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