Why bad things happen to good people

August 23, 2017

Today I went down to the mall to stock up on provisions. This time the girl who always there promoting cars or household appliances who keeps hassling me to take her on as a contract girlfriend was ostensibly missing….I remembered walking the aisle and loading items on the trolley with an almost bitter sweet feeling. You see I’ve formed an association with shopping and having to fend off her advances.

Somewhere between two rows of mushrooms canned soup. I suddenly caught sight of her. She was wearing sunglasses and seemed to be avoiding her. Soon I cornered her in the pet food section and asked, let me see how bad it is…..she took off her sunglasses sheepishly and she sported a shiner.

I held her chin to the light and after assessing the shiner from various angles I quipped….’well it could be worse.’ That’s when the contract girlfriend flipped and started swearing at me at the top of her voice in colourful charming Hokkien as to how any self respecting man would have got angry and beaten the shit out the man who did this to her.

I told the girl I will do no such ridiculous thing. Thereafter I walked away. Not before she stepped forward into my path and demanded to know why I was so cool about the matter….I simply told the contract girlfriend whether I wish these things or not they’re going to happen, and whether you benefit from them or not will depend upon you ability to see the message in your misfortune.

She started to cry that was when I told her to put herself together as I need her to do something really important….I need someone to help me load the dog food….I swear they weight over a ton.


‘Understand this! Understand it very clearly! As what I have to share with you has nothing whatsoever to do with motivation. You only have one life. And what I have to share with you will be a recurrent theme. Everything and anything bad that has happened and will happen to you has only two possible outcomes – one it will scar you and you will probably end up a scaddy cat for the rest of your life. Or it will have the transformational power to alter your being to make you a better and stronger person. So do now you know the score – sadness is optional.

Let me give you and example. When someone who you believe in betrays you, it will teach you the importance of loyalty and trust. Learn to trust again…never let that person rob you from trusting others. Same with ❤️.

When you suffer bad luck. You will come to realise how capricious life really can be and how chimeric the thrill of success and the agony of defeat really is – hopefully you will gain insight into how your success and the failure of others is not completely deserved. That should keep your head small.

And when you fall down flat on your face, as you will…trust me, I hope your enemies will give you a hard kick in the ribs. I even hope you cough blood. As this is the only way for one to learn about the importance of fair play and sportsmanship.

I hope you will be regarded as transparent like glass and even struggle in a chorus of voices to be heard…pray for you that one day people around you will talk about you as if you’re not there, so you know the importance of being kind, considerate and gentle. You will never take it for granted.

I hope you will not have anyone to rely on one day. That even should you break your leg you will be so far from civilization that you have to live with the prospects of 50% gangrene or just hacking it off – I even hope it will be so bad that it might well take you a full hour and bit just to crawl to the shit pot. Either that or you just have to settle to crap in your pants…to be so alone all by yourself that you know how the four walls of a cell called forsaken…so that you realise when things go wrong. You will discard the bad habit of blaming others and when things turn out well, you will rejoice and never take it for granted. Above all I hope and pray when things don’t turn out well – you will never beat yourself up into a pulp and even be kind and gentle to yourself…simply because there is no one else to sayang you except yourself – this will teach you sagacity….forebearance and fortitude.

I even hope that one day you will be cheated and end up in debt so that one day you will understand what a blessing it is to deal with a honest man and why you should subscribe to the principle of dignity of labor and pay him a fair wage for his labor and learn the importance of keeping your word even if it hurts your wallet.

Remember everything that I have mentioned here will happen to you irrespective whether I wish it on you or not….only also bear always in mind what I said in the beginning of this sharing…..yes. It has the power to transform you into a better and wiser person.

I am a frontier man….I am the last of my kind. No! There is no point looking out for more of my kind to past your way…..you would find a single one, not in Singapore. We have all gone. Besides they don’t make men like me any longer. I am the last production model that came out of a line that’s long dead and gone….after me there will be no more. That is why what I have to share with you is a matter of life and dead. As this is the only thing that will endure after me. You could even say this is the sum of my lot…my lives work.

My name is Darkness.’

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