We can all learn a lot from the business strategy of the boss of Razer

August 24, 2017

Shortly after the PM of Singapore shared his blueprint to transform Singapore into a cashless society on TV. Tan Min Lian, the bossman of Razer responded as follows – you press the ‘go’ button (not the Pokemon variety) and in 18 months it will be all over the island.

End of story.

If all businesses in Singapore can adopt this attitude. All our problems will disappear very quickly and Singapore will be very powerful.


‘When it comes to business. I am definitely not a Gung Ho sort of businessman. I wish I was. Truly I do. But to be perfectly honest with you all – I don’t nearly have the quantity or quality of confidence to ever come across as Gung Ho.

Most of the time I cover my ass with as much steel plates and Kevlar as I can get my hands on. Even then I never ever stick my neck out unless I know for certain what I am getting myself into.

Having said that I do genuinely admire people who are not afraid to make commitments from the word go…..as these people are the clearest expression of the spirit of going where no mind dares to go!

Yes. I don’t imagine for one moment Mr Tan would ever fall flat on his face…nor make a fool of himself – how can he…after all surely he appreciates that when he makes such a strong commitment – failure is hardly an option. Mr Tan is just not representative of his firm…he is a gamer like all of us. He is a representative of a larger and broader community.

So it to the benefit of our strategic interest that Mr Tan succeeds in this endeavour. As many people still think gamers are just an indolent bunch of no hopers who all live in rooms where clothes and over night pizza go to die….these people don’t see the field of possibilities we see and know of…how can they.

So really his failure is our failure and his success is also our success…so how can we just sit on the bench and twiddle our thumbs.

I wish Mr Tan god speed….and may the force be with you!

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