The old man and his pretty Vietnamese mail order bride

August 25, 2017

Today I overheard a conversation between two housewifes in the village pasar (market place). They were both talking about the new bride of an old man…she will steal his money…he is a fool…etc etc.

Eventually more housewifes joined in the conversation. Then even the men joined in as well and soon they had worked themselves up into a frenzy and that was when one of them turned to me and asked,

‘Landowner what will you do about this travesty?’

I told them all, ‘what travesty? Who killed who? Where is the dead body? Besides this is none my or your business. Why don’t you all go and put your houses in order first before you go poking your noses into other people’s personal affairs…now go home and do not think too much.’


‘If you are genuinely interested in the truth then you will not harbour any assumptions. Because the moment you have an assumption. Then you have already sabotaged your search for the truth. After all how did your assumptions come about? Someone put it there. Maybe it was the priest, your teachers and perhaps the newspapers….but did you actually witness first hand these events that all added up to the sum of your beliefs….No! So those people worked on you pretty well. They painted those pictures in your head. They did a good job didn’t they? They have to otherwise their business model will fall apart. And you are merely the sum of their handiwork.

So remember if you are genuinely interested in the truth. Never begin by harbouring any assumptions. Start with absolutely nothing and allow only the facts that you see for yourself to form the final picture.

This is very easy to say. But trust me the discipline is very hard to keep. As in this world there so many stupid people.

Research and study this well.’

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