How to control your anger

August 26, 2017

Imagine a puppet attached to strings. When you want the puppet to nod its head. All you have to do is to pull on the string that is attached to its head. Should you like it to walk, you can pull and release the strings to both its legs. You can do anything to this puppet and with practice you can even make it dance and entertain people.

This is what happens when you allow anger into your heart….you give those who want to hurt you…power…authority…control over you and your state of mind.

When you understand how anger works thru this imagery that I have just painted…..then it is very easy to keep calm even in a stressful situation.

Because in life you can give people many things. You can give them love, friendship, time etc etc etc or like the girl in the mall who keeps hassling me to take her on as a contract girlfriend….you can even give understanding.

But you should under no circumstances give any one complete and total power of control over you….this you must never do. Not even to your husband, wife, parents, pastor etc etc. As it is both hazardous and foolish….so tell me now.

Why are you so willing to give power…authority…and control to someone who wants to bring out the worse in you by making you angry?


‘Never allow anyone to make you angry. Because to be angry is not so different from sitting in the hottest place in hell. If I were to light a bonfire under your backside….what would you do? You will step to one side abruptly and ask of me in a stern voice – what are you doing?

But the funny thing is when someone tries to make you angry, you even help this evil person to pour the petrol into your underwear, light the match and even willing sit on the fire…..there is a flaw in the thinking…is there not?

That may well explain why this whole idea of anger management has been around since the late 1950’s. You want to know why…it doesn’t bloody work…as there is a critical error in thinking…..Firstly, it assumes that you can do the impossible and exercise total and complete control AFTER your backside is on fire….what can one do when one’s backside and other unmentionable body parts is engulfed in flames, except maybe to scream and jump up and down…what is there to manage intelligently…nothing. So this idea of MANAGING anger is an oxymoron, it’s a five chili stupid idea – how is it possible to talk the language of management when you have already given the full and complete authority and control like a string puppet to this evil person who wants to bring out the worst in you.

But if you say to yourself when someone or a situation threatens to make you angry – you have no power over me….I didn’t sign a power of attorney…all your levers are connected to absolutely nothing. Usually I will say this three times under my breathe. And that is really enough.

Because when a man has the capacity to remain calm when others are trying to bring out the very worst in them…that by itself can only be very intimidating and scary. To my understanding of the world – there can be nothing more powerful than this to disturb. As it means ALL authority….power….control is retained by the person.’

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