Withdrawing from the world to become a hermit

August 28, 2017

Many people have expressed great shock and surprise that I have decided to dedicate myself to a hermit’s life. Even more have asked, why do you want to be alone….why do you want to suffer all by yourself…..then there are those who simply conclude something hurtful has happened so that may well account for why I have decided to turn inwards.

Truth is even if I am alone…I am not really alone. As it is very difficult for one to be truly alone.’


‘It may at first seem very strange and even slightly curious to the uninitiated why a man or for that matter any man would deliberately fashion his life of seeming normality into the highest expression of suffering.

Yes. I do admit it does have a certain dramatique feel about it…like some vampire ritual.

I must admit I too have been deeply enamoured and intensely fascinated by that other category of men who have all suddenly broken off from the world only to walk away from it all.

Strangely very little have been written about these men…swordsmen who retreat deep into the forest only to disappear into the folds of nature..aesthetics who recluse themselves for years on end surviving only on a meagre diet of gruel….writers should shutter themselves from the world preferring the company of birds and trees.

It would seem all these men were depicted as tortured souls who deliberately sought out some means of atonement as opposed to redemption..often the imagery is couched in a sypnosis of lingering sadness, scandal or some dark secret bordering on insanity…but in truth, the real reason for denigrating and casting negative spells on these morose characters may have more to do with moderns fear of being alone.

Truth is one cannot be alone even when one is alone.

To understand this paradox one must understand how difficult it is to be truly alone. I am not merely referring to the physical dimension of loneliness where one is separated by all others by the singularity of time and space. Rather the notion of loneliness is exclusively a state of mind.

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Still here? OK…let me share with you what my research has been thus far on the subject of being alone.

As even when one is alone. One is usually accompanied by an extraordinary big crowd. This crowd is in the head of all men who search to be alone….the composition of this crowd is not physical. Rather it exist in the form of encrusted memories, beliefs, assumptions, lexicons, philosophies and values that was once subliminally programmed into the mind of this man since he stepped into this planet.

Those who have never genuinely strived to be alone before will never be conscious of the presence of this crowd, that is because they never ever stay long enough in the discomfort zone of loneliness to ever register the presence of the crowd their heads…even when these people find themselves alone what they are actually experiencing is not truly loneliness. Rather it is the illusion of being alone. If they were really part of loneliness then they would never feel the discomfort of being alone – it is precisely because there is so many people running around upstairs and so many voices speaking at the same time that heightens the terror of being alone and why modern man equates being alone with suffering and pain. But how did this association form to even fossilize into an assumption that is usually recruited whenever this person speaks about the subject of loneliness? Where did it all come from?

It is from the crowd in his head.

As the crowd usually takes the form of what the world has to say and think about its many objects of interest…and regrettably when it comes to the subject of loneliness the world sees this as an undesirable thing…a character flaw, a sign of a dysfunctional mind. That is because the world constantly needs to validate its position – to feed this lie that to be alone is undesirable and even dangerous it first programs every member of society to first turn against anyone who even demonstrates the slightest inclination to seek out being alone. This the world regularly does by giving free rein of judgement to those who are presumptuous enough to believe there is something terribly wrong with being comfortable alone…people who seem unabashed and even proud to dine alone….travel alone…shop alone…work alone are often regarded as outliers. As a consequence modern man is conditioned since birth to be dependant rather than independent…worst of all he is led to believe as an individual he is powerless and unfulfilled, that liberty and emancipation can only be attained thru the capacity of being a team player…hence the crowd. And since membership into this crowd of possibilites first requires the subjugation and better still the assassination of the self in this grostequely convoluted manner modern man acquires a morbid fear being alone very much in the some people harbor an irrational fear of spiders.

So now you know even when one is all alone. One is still very much in the company of the crowd….as to search for a true and unadulterated state of loneliness is incredibly difficult and some say even impossible…and that is precisely the very reason why it must be done.’

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