The woman who lives in the past glory of her beauty

August 29, 2017

There’s a plantation lady who used to be very beautiful in her younger days. She must have been stunner in her younger days. As even today she likes so much to live in the happy folds of memories in the moment of her youth….and who can blame her.

I can only imagine whenever she comes face to face with present, it must be a terrible let down as often I find in those moments she is very quiet and melancholy.

Recently this lady confided to me that she often feels sad and at times even suicidal. As she considers her life these days to be only a pale and faded comparison to what it used to be in the glorious moment of her youth.

At some point in the conversation she turned to me as if thinking aloud and expressed…I wish I could be young forever.

At that moment I felt like sharing with this lady what I know of Chuando. But I decided not too. And soon the topic turned once again to her deepest of yearnings…I wish I can be young and beautiful forever.

That was when I turned the lady attention to a nearby hedgerows of wild flowers. I told her they are in season and that was when she rose up excitedly as if wanting to pluck a few…to which I gently held her back with the words….please sit with me and just look…are they not beautiful. To which the lady agreed that was when she turned to me and asked, why did you stop me for plucking them.

I will share with only you what I told her that afternoon…as I believe an error in thinking concerning what is beauty and how one should seek oneness with it is the root cause of so much unnecessary anxieties and suffering along with cancer of the wallet… my understanding….true beauty is not a thing, it cannot be possessed….it is only a fleeting moment like the coming and passing of the seasons….the flit of the clouds across the sky…a cool breeze against your cheeks….to be one with beauty is not about possessing or for that even owning or preserving…it is really only about one thing… appreciation.

The capacity for one to appreciate beyond what one merely sees is what allows us to be at one with beauty.


‘Life is incredibly democratic in more ways than I can possibly describe. As at every level of a man and womans life there will always be plenty of opportunities to be exceptionally beautiful. When a girl is in her teens she is bursting with at seams with all of life like a flower in full bloom. That is merely one understanding of beauty. As she turns the corner in her mid twenties and proceeds into her thirties, her once tight features will begin to relent ever so slightly lending her a certain calmness of appearance that had always been elusive to her when she was younger and again that is yet another type of beauty and as this woman proceeds further into her forties the fullness of her hips will begin to flesh out (there are of course exceptions like fish ball transformer cases lah, but we will not go there as I don’t want to get charming letters asking me to go and die. That is not beautiful so we will not talk about it. Incidentally I forgive you all.)…and again that is beautiful as well.

So as you can see. At every stage of life there is plenty of room for improvisation to for one to be beautiful.

The same holds true for man as well. In the moment of his youth, he’s like an open top cabriolet with a feisty and noisy engine that is raring to go. As this man ages into his thirties, forties and beyond. So long as he has the benefit of this insight printed and laminated in his wallet every stage of life will hold up plenty of opportunities for him to aspire to be beautiful as well. He too will be able to find this mythical line.

As this man ages he will acquire a certain steadiness and stateliness like a well heeled Mercedes Benz. There is power but now it is not the raw white knuckle variety. Rather it’s refined, very polished, sophisticated even in an old school 007 genre and very understatedly muted. As at that stage in life, there is very little to prove….you already know who you are and what you are capable of doing. Nothing flashy or glarish just like silk cravat peeking out from an open neck shirt to give the assemble as certain saviour faire. But it is equally surefooted and powerful, if not more as this time, as it is complimented with experience and confidence and wisdom. These things are very beautiful in a man. His clarity. Precision of thoughts along worldly knowledge that could have only have come from having come before it, seen it and conquering it. That is why if a man keeps himself well and doesn’t have a skin that’s too thin…he will be beautiful right up to Unclehood and beyond. Same with some aunties as well…they too are very beautiful in their own terms. If they can go beyond just the vapidness of commercial beauty.

Knowing that each stage of life offers a different way to express ones beauty has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with how to live and most importantly enjoy a purpose driven life.

When you see life thru this multi dimensional philosophy of beauty – then you will realise true beauty is not simply about possessing or being clingy to a monent in your life that is really only variety of beauty. It is not about trying to be Peter Pan. Or even trying to discover the elixir of youth in a bottle of moisturising cream where the only active ingredient is water.

Above all it is not about possessing…it is really only about appreciation.’

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