The lost art of listening

August 31, 2017

Many people go thru life without ever really listening to what is said. They seem to think that just because they have ears and they have the capacity to hear….that logically means they must be listening.

But often nothing can be further from the truth. Because between the act of hearing what is being expressed and trying to make sense of it…they have already added and subtracted so much from what was once said that their final undertanding of what was said can only be so distrorted and embellished.

I noticed this in the moment of my youth. As since I was autistic, very few people would ever listen to what I had to say. They would listen to normal kids but not me. At times they would even talk about me as if I was invisible. So at a tender age since I didn’t have many opportunities to be heard. Instead I put all my energy and attention into listening more effectively than most people….I could listen so proficiently that I could even hear so many things that most people could never ever pick up.

I listened so well that many people were convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that I had the power to foresee the future along with read minds. I even came out in the newspaper a few times. As I could play a card game where you could pick up any card and I would be able to call….as the person told me…and I listened….that was how it really worked…they told me! Not so much in words….but this they did.

At one point in my youth. I was even regularly asked to tell people’s fortune…..when events turned out as I predicted many would ask in amazement…how did you know it would turn out that way and my reply would always be the same on every single occasion just like the card game…YOU told me and I listened…and on every occasion they would exclaim…..No! I didn’t….for some curious reason, everyone thought I was making up stories…I listened so well that when I started working again everyone thought that I was a genius since I could zero into a problem even before it happened….I could even predict to an accuracy of 90% when, where and how it would all turn pear shaped and it reached such a ridicolous point that I even had to put on an act. As I realised when one is right most of the time and no one ever believes that was only because I merely listened to all the mechanics talking in locker room…then people will begin to fear and this usually leads to anger and usually I would be victimised. They would all kill me! So to palliate their fears…I would put on a show, like put my hands on a pipe, roll my eyes and foam in the mouth and only then would I tell them the answer in a trance like voice. Soon I noticed when I did that…no one ever asked me how I knew any longer….but that is only because they could never ever believe all I did was to listen. In this way I found they did not fear me any longer.


‘If you genuinely want to know deep into your heart and mind whether what I have shared in this entry makes any sense at all. All you have to do AFTER reading this is to be conscious of the act of listening. Do not be impatient. Never interrupt. Just listen. Listen without adding or subtracting with what your mind thinks will be said or was said before this conversation. Listen without even thinking. Just listen to the sound of the voice. Be attentive to how the words are formed. Listen without any assumptions or for matter only to what want to hear….listen only.

And at the end of this experiment. You will know for yourself.

Go on I dare you!’

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