The man who goes all round the world except where he should go

August 31, 2017

I happen to know of a chap who works very hard. Then at some point, he will say he is very stressed out and he’s going to explode at any moment. Shortly thereafter this person will go on a holiday. When he comes back he thinks he is like a mobile phone that is fully charged and in a short while the whole cycle begins again.

One day this fellow asked me how is it that you have not taken a holiday for the last eight years and yet you don’t seem to be stressed out…he went on to add…you must be a freak!

I did not take offence and simply smiled. Thereafter I asked this man who has been to every corner of the world….have you journeyed into yourself?

He looked me at me as if puzzled and that was when I told him….I do take many holidays to recharge…the man asked in a surprised tone…where?….I go into myself.

He did not understand and for a while he shook his head in disbelief as if talking to a mad man. While I thought to myself…that incidentally is a very big problem for this man who seems to go everywhere except where it’s most needful……himself.


‘Don’t let the world wordsmith your life into the sum of a cheap mobile phone…you not a Samsung or for that matter an Iphone – where you may even believe when the week starts you have five bars and as you work you’re depleting energy only to rush frantically to charge your empty batteries and to repeat the whole cycle again….if you are in that sort of gyre, then I can almost guarantee you 100% – you will always be running away from yourself and I want to be clear just because you can find someone else to go along with your escapism doesn’t make it reality either.

What will be your reality is this. You always be poor because you are living an in and out economy. You will always be working for other people because you keep running away from yourself that you don’t even bother to take responsibility for yourself to plan to start an enterprise. You will be working to realise their dreams instead of yours. And worse of all since you don’t have the right programming to win, you will always find youself going around in only circles….and once you reach a certain age when you can no longer gainfully impersonate the life and times of latest smart phone you will switched out for someone younger and left out to dry in a place where all phones go to die.

I do apologise profusely if this happens to come as a great and monumental shock to you…..only understand I speak only the truth.

Learn to be your own man and woman….take responsibility…do not follow the way of the world. Where they will sell you the idea to relax and destress, you absolutely need to run away from yourself and your work along with somehow forget everything that’s related to work by sorrounding yourself in the fantasy of pristine beaches and coconut trees.

Instead cultivate the art of being sustainable. Work sustainably. Be efficient in how you use and recycle energy. Above all take the time to get to know yourself….never run away from yourself by seeking distractions…as this is what the world tells you to do….but this mantra of exist because people are getting rich from selling holidays!

When you make an effort to get to know yourself….you will find that you don’t need all these distractions. The urge to run away and to forget will drop away….your wallet will also be happier as well since it is not suffering from cancer.

This is especially true when you are young. Work and save as much as you can and start and own an enterprise. Be financially independent – above all own yourself and if possible get to know yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

There is no rush to go here and there. The world is not ending the Mayan phrophecy was a no show. Trust me no one is in a hurry to tear down the Eiffel Tower and turn it into a food court. There are no plans to do that. London bridge is not falling down. The UK is not in an earth quake zone. The Grand Canyon is not a giant sink hole no one is going to fill it with concrete… will all be there. There is no hurry to see the world.

But there is a real urgency for you to go into yourself and to discover who you really are and what you are capable of and if possible to even be fascinated and mesmerised by the experience…that is the first step to live sustainably…to know what is most needful and to have the discipline to commit yourself to it.

This is the one discipline that you will find every serious man and woman doing….they don’t run here and there trying to distract themselves no end. They always go back to the center of their being to draw strength and nourishment.

Because if you do not make a real and genuine effort to own yourself early on in life, then it could be said you have been everywhere except where you should really go….and that lack will show.’

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