Restoring manly good looks

September 22, 2017

A month back ago. I looked like a very well done satay stick. As since I had to be out in the open for twelve hours straight a day. I was completely sun burnt beyond all recognition.

Since then I have managed to successfully reverse back the effects of premature ageing by using cosmetic cream.

I was recommended this cream by an eighty year old lady who taps rubber in the plantation. This woman claims to have been a great beauty in her day on account of this brand of face cream. I guess looking at her now, she probably was providing one uses a lot of imagination and if possible have access to time travel.

Anyways I tried it and by all accounts it seems to have been a positive experience.

This face cream is very reasonably priced. Maybe about S$4. But try not to use it in enclosed areas like a car that has a problems with the air conditioner, as the driver and everyone else may experience unexpected fainting spells. Try to wind down the window of the car and talk really loud to ensure everyone is wide awake and alert, especially the driver to avoid complications.

It can also be used as a very effective derusting agent. I applied a dollop on my commando knife and it is shiny and bright like head lamps. Can also be used for mild scratches in the field and ward off pesky insects.



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