The looping mind

September 24, 2017

Some time back ago. A distaught woman sought me out and pleaded – what should I do? I cannot trust the man who I love. I asked this woman only one question – what has this man done to rob you of the power to trust him completely and totally?

The woman replied nothing.

That was when I told her, it is not this man who is the source of your suffering and difficulty to trust. It is ALL the men who came BEFORE this man. You must forget them and above forget the hurtful things they have all done to you. Otherwise you will only see the faces of these other men in this man’s face.

Smash the looping mind! Smash it into a thousand pieces! It is good for nothing.


‘Man is a creature of habit. Once he settles into a pattern of thinking and behaving it is quite natural for him to repeat it again and again mindlessly. He will even reach a point in his existence when these repeatetive behaviours and looping thoughts will be such a predominant feature in his life that he will not be able to live without them.

But one of the most self destructive behaviours and thought patterns is the looping mind. This is how the looping mind works. The moment a man or woman awakes, he or she will go thru a set of program of thinking. In this thought cycle, this person will replay like a broken record all the past hurts, disappointments and embrassement he or she once encountered. Most people are so invested in this gyre. They are not even conscious their minds are looping and constantly influencing the outcome of their thoughts….worse of all when one is not awakened to the idea the mind is looping. Then it is virtually impossible to see the world as it is….everything one sees and come across can only fit into a set pattern of one’s past.

There are many times when I have had to step in very forcefully into the lives of others as since their looping mind is out of control it can only be a source of constant distraction and inconvenience to me. Not to mention the rest of mankind. Recently I had to bend over the counter and whisper to a Super duper bo Lang ai (five Chili spinster) that I have no intentions to fuck her. All I want to do is buy some anti fungus cream and be on my way. I had no choice. As this woman is very uncooperative and rude to me without provocation. There are many times when she has even refused to serve me and since I didn’t want to get her sacked as she was obviously in breach of her contract of employment. I decided to do her and the rest of mankind a favour by smashing her looping machine. This shocked the pharmacist to such a point where she began to start hyper ventilating and lost all capacity to talk for one whole hour. She claims it was shock. later on when this woman calmed down – she recounted to me her bad experiences with handsome men. This woman even showed me a photo of her former Boyfriend who see mentioned looked like me. I simply told his woman, please go and burn the photo. Why are you still carrying this heavy stone in your handbag, please do not allow the ghost of the past to intrude into the present and future. As if you do that, all you’re doing is reliving hell again and again and since you will never be able to see the world as it is….it can only be a very scary place that can only make you suffer. Some more can ask latter was that my final answer…would I like to have more time to reconsider. Confirmed psycho case lah!

See my point. Hope so because I certainly can’t make it out from where I am standing.

On another occasion a man who was convinced that I was looking at his two metric ton internal beauty Wife came up to me and asked in an aggressive tone what are you staring at? Again I had to tell this man, please do not confuse me with disrespectful people who once caused you so much hurt and humiliation. And again this man was shaken out from his looping mind and soon he came to his senses and apologised profusely.

Recently during my replanting project I encountered a tractor driver who had a habit of borrowing money in advance. One day after finishing his shift, he asked whether I could advance him some money. Again I told this man – I know many people have taken advantage of you and you must suffered in the past. But you are dealing with a man who has the highest respect for the dignity of labor. So don’t borrow money from me, it is very insulting and besides it is not necessary. At the end of your work, you will be paid. Again this man was set straight as an arrow.

These are just a few illustrations of the looping mind and how it can stop people from living in the present and future.

I do not recommend that you go out into the world and tell strangers, ‘I don’t want to fuck you!’ That is a very direct approach that requires a lot of confidence and if not pulled off well it may lead to complications in the police station and perhaps even the IMH.

Nonetheless this something that must be thoroughly researched and studied.’

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