Why no singaporean male will be intrested in what Amos Yee has to say

September 30, 2017

In life, if one genuinely desires to be come across as a credible, competent and trustworthy influencer, it’s very important to invest in a good foundation.

That foundation can be knowledge gained from apprenticeship. It could even be an investment in time, effort and opportunity cost to get to know a thing.

But one thing is clear as day – it’s impossible for one to come across as credible, competent and trustworthy without a foundation.

Life is not so simple.


‘Amos Yee skipped a very important step that will sabotage all his chances to be regarded as a credible activist by most sane and level headed natives. He did not complete his national service. What he should have done was to go thru that aspect of pain and then and only then seek asylum in the US.

As it is, he will always be an outlier…outsider. Because his CV is incomplete. There is a fundamental break, one that is so serious. He best devote all his activist potential to writing about what is wrong about his new home the disunited states of America.

It is like those air con addicted politicians. The Shinawatra’s. What’s my take about Thaksin and his MILF sis. The mini skirt answer. These folk have no business whatsoever in Thai politics. Because it is first and foremost a gangster oligarchy. So if for any reason one isn’t prepared to cut their teeth in jail or don’t have the stomach to crack heads from time to time and much prefer cosmopolitan Dubai – then I say these people don’t have the right foundation or for that matter the ideal aptitude to win in Thai politics. They should run cafes or salad bars or something.

For me, if you want to fashion yourself as an activist. But you don’t even want to put in the time to wear boots. Then it’s a bit like a farmer who only likes to plant and tend to his trees, but he is not prepared to say to malevolent forces, ‘Get off my land!’

For me it is crystal clear. If ten cheap pirates come for me in the dead of night to rob or disrespect me. I will just appear before them in samurai armor and tell them, ‘Here’s two cases of ABC stout. Let’s polish it as fast as we can. After that we rumble and if we do it right. Most of us will all go to the other side and akan datang the whole fight there again….besides I was bore, coming to think of it, its a very good night to die lah! After that those who still have arms and legs can go to the UN.

The moral of the story is this – what you are not prepared to fight and defend. You never once owned. It was never yours to call your own and if you don’t have an elemental right to ownership, then you can certainly talk….but like I said, not everyone will listen to you. As something is not right about this picture.

It’s missing a vital element that makes all the difference in this world.

Trust me. Life is not that simple nor cheapy cheap.

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