Dealing with people who don’t love you any more

October 27, 2017

When someone who you love does not love you any more. It is very natural for one to strive to revive back that lost love. But a better way would be to just strive to understand why such an approach will only end up destroying both parties. This is not a defeatist attitude. If anything striving to understand what has happened requires absolute sincerity and above all selflessness to put that person who you love before your own interests. As if you truly love someone. You will want only the best for them. You will want them to enjoy happiness, wholeness and live life to the fullest.

If these things you cannot provision for those who you claim to love…then you must honestly say this to yourself before the mirror and not seek to blame them for wanting to seek fulfilment elsewhere – as if you genuinely love this other person it will be very easy to put this person’s interest before yours.

You should be the last person to stop them from seeking it from those who can fulfill their deepest yearnings and dreams.


‘I don’t think love is like this…if you love me then you would do this and not do that. To my understanding that is emotional blackmail or worst still manipulation. Neither do I think love is like this either….I have done so much for you and if you really love me, you will not do this or that. Again that is just a clever form of guilt tripping and possibly even asking the person who you love to redeem their IOU’s….I think this the closest thing to love…I want you to be happy and if I cannot or do not have the courage to make you happy. Then I will not stop you from finding it either. I will always wait for you to return to me. I will never ask. Never! I will just wait quietly…as that is my nature.’

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