Steamed fish recipe

October 28, 2017

You will find many many ways to steam fish in the internet, but this is the right way.

The first rule is this – the fish absolutely has to be Super fresh. If it is that way 90% is as good as done. If it otherwise, you can be the best cook in the world, but it will only end up so-so. So learn HOW to choose a fresh fish.

Secondly, the fish needs to be dry and at room temp before steaming. A common mistake is to take it straight out of the fridge and steam, no good.

Thirdly, plate needs to be heated. Important.

Fourth, fish needs to be dried of excess water.

Five, underside of the fish needs to be lifted from the plate with scallions to allow the steam to pass thru. After steaming fish solution must be discarded.

Six, Soya sauce should not be ladled directly over the fish, but should only be spooned to the side of the dish to prevent the fish from absorbing it and end up being too salty.

Seven, hot oil is used to infuse fish with scallion and coriander flavour.

I usually flavour my oil with garlic, cut really small and browned golden before pouring on the fish. I also give my fish a light wash of Chinese cooking wine (use sherry) before steaming.

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