Don’t let people manipulate you

October 29, 2017

Few days ago I received a call requesting me to attend a meeting. I told them if nothing important comes out I will be keenest to attend. Today when the organizer called up and asked me why I didn’t attend…I told them something more important came up.

One big trap waiting for me. Now many frustrated people are wondering why their plan didn’t go thru.

End of story.


‘Absolutely nowhere is it written in the game of life that you have to play just because everyone expects you too. If you don’t like it – you can choose to walk away from it.

Knowing and having the confidence to say No! is to be proficient in using a power word. As No! is not an ordinary word, like Ohm, it has a certain resonance and weightness.

Not long ago someone asked me do you get angry. I said everyone has that capacity and potential, but the difference between me and most people is I don’t simply give this power to anyone to either make me happy or sad or angry.

Are you crazy…why would I want to ever devolve my power to strangers who I hardly know?

My state of mind is mine alone to exercise full control over. It does not reside in the hands of others, if they believe otherwise they can certainly try but after a while they will find that I am not there, as I have gone. It is as simple as that.

Once you begin to see your emotional state as YOURS and only YOURS alone and not something like buttons in some twenty cent slot machine in an arcade that can be pushed at will by others. Only then will you begin to take full responsibility over your words, thoughts and actions.

Immature people do not know this. Mature people on the otherhand have always known this all along.’

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