Gently making way

November 19, 2017

When you truly love someone. You should never stop them from finding themselves in the world. If you allow yourself to be guided by the spirit of love. You will have the wisdom and courage to step aside and make it easy for them to take flight.

After all they’re about to embark on a long journey into the unknown to find themselves….it will not be easy for them. They will be nervous and even a bit scared.

In such moments. If you allow your heart to be guided by love. You will give them the strength and courage to break free. You tell them their feathers are so bright and beautiful. Assure them. The wind will always be right behind them to give a gentle push and it will be a breeze.

Be very strong like a mountain and assure them that they too are strong like you and capable of all things even if they doubt themselves. Tell them heroic stories to lift their hearts and souls, so that they have it in them to fly high above the scary sea beneath them…make them laugh at their own fears.

Love is not about possessing, it is not about collecting stamps or how to keep fishes in a tank, it is really only about one thing….appreciation for the person who once came into your life and now stands before you to take flight into the blue yonder.

It is really only about freedom.


‘Don’t be childish and stop the person who you love from ever growing. Do not confuse abuse with love. As that need arises from the selfishness of your ego to always posses and control. Don’t be manipulative either by making unreasonable demands or guilt tripping just because you want them to stay with you. Again that has nothing to do with love either. That is blackmail and cunningness of the most despicable sort that comes from an evil and uncaring heart. All these dark thoughts have no place in true love. As even if you succeed in doing all that so cleverly – he or she will certainly be with you, but their heart will be elsewhere.

Instead give them the freedom and confidence to find themselves in the world beyond you. Be grateful for all the beautiful times and memories they have given you by coming into your life. That is part of appreciation.

If possible find the courage to give them your blessings. Never stand in their way.

Above all do not stop them from finding themselves just because you are afraid to stand all by yourself in this world. Or that you have no one to share the sight of a beautiful sunrise with.

Truth is…you came into this world alone and when it is time to depart. You will be alone as well…..and even if you can be with the person who you love and loves you in return…you will also be alone. loneliness will follow you to the end of your days – that is the default position of all matured minds. It is not something to be feared. Or to run away from like a frightened child. Rather loneliness requires deep understanding and patient study.

Above all do not be sad, bitter and resentful just because things didn’t turn out the way you had it all lined up in your head. As what you have lost has not died, not at all, it will all come back to you in another shape and form.

Without deep understanding of love, there can be no such thing as true appreciation.’

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