The dependence game

November 22, 2017

How do you go about selling an over price gold plated fire engine. This how the game is played. I start a fire and when it threatens to burn down everything that you hold dear….a salesman magically appears to offer you a fire engine that is guaranteed to break your balls….but you have no choice….you have to buy.

End of story.


‘The problem with plantations where I turn the wheel of life is it’s not so different from the days of lighting and thunder when warlords rule. Some of them are so powerful they literally have the influence, money and network to make a person disappear.

It is very hard for me to stand alone – as at times circumstances can turn against me so suddenly and unexpectedly, it’s very hard to do anything except to roll with the punches….but no matter how painful it is. One has to learn to do this. As the alternative is to give in….and giving in to bullies is never a good thing. All you really do is buy peace of mind for a short while only for them to come back for more….it’s best to fight all the way even if one doesn’t have a chance of succeeding, that way even if you don’t win…at least you take a few of them with you.’

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