Contract Girlfriend – The iPhone 8

December 20, 2017

Contract Girlfriend told me she is saving up to buy the latest iPhone by eating Maggi Mee every day. I asked her why do you need such an advanced phone, do you work for NASA designing rockets? Are you Ivanka Trump? Do you need to tweet six million times a day. Then I told her all you do is stand around cars from ten in the mall till closing time…she said, but all my friends have one.

That I told her is the problem.


‘The moment you start feeding the ego. You are in deep shit. Because unbeknown to even you. You have started to worship a great god of self delusions. Now this is not a fairytale water walking god or even a god who can walk thru a brick wall. This is a very real god. And like all crooked gods, it will always ask for more…and more and more.

You are not stupid! I don’t have to point out the obvious – you can make out very clearly who are worshippers of the ego god. All you have to do is look around and you will see an enormous number of people praying day and night to this good for nothing god. They do it in an infinitely number of ways. Everything from searching for their mana in materialism to accumulating prestige just to feed to their obese ego.

And if you don’t give in to the demands of the ego God. He will blackmail you. He will press your hot buttons. This he knows how to do very expertly and usually he will win hands down.

So do you see the vicious cycle? And it begins the very moment you feed your ego.

That is why whenever you can starve the ego of all manner of sustenance….and you will find it very difficult in the beginning to do this because there so worshippers who will tell you, you are crazy. Even your own girl friend will turn against you by threatening to find another man when you tell her, you no longer want to attend the church of the ego god – but you must be resolute – do not feed him!

Once the ego dies only then can the real man or woman be reincarnated and he or she can only see the world clearly without any illusions.

It is only when we can see the world without the slightest trace of illusions and abberation can we dedicate all ourselves to worthy, noble and great things and not waste so much of our lives to meaningless 5 cents trivial pursuits that only lead us astray.’

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