The bird nest cat burglar

December 20, 2017

Starting in March this year when the price of birdnest ratcheted up. One by one every bird house has been sacked where I turn the wheel of life. It seems to be the handiwork of only one man.

(1) He uses a grappling hook with rope to scale birdhouse. He seems to be comfortable with heights.

(2) He strikes only on a moonless night, which suggest he is accustomed to using specialised night vision goggles.

(3) He seems to be able to neutralise alarms and even CCTV’s don’t seem to be able to capture his image. It’s possible he has access to electronic jamming equipment.

(4) He can neutralise guard dogs.

Increasingly I am coming under suspicion as the mysterious cat burglar. As only my birdhouse has not been hit….

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