Giving your meat based spaghetti more mojo!

December 21, 2017

Most meat based spaghetti come across as cardboardish and one dimensional. It’s a nightmare for me to go out for spaghetti. As I can cook much better.

To add depth and flavor to your meat sauce I am going to share a professional kitchen secret.

After sautéing your garlic and onions in oil and adding the meat. Cook the meat for five minutes after that add a coffee mug of puréed chicken liver (you can do this by putting whole liver in a blender). I know it sounds yucky…but trust me on this. You wouldn’t be able to taste a trace of the liver. I promise. This will give the meat sauce a three dimensional depth of flavour.

Then you do whatever you need to do….because I am sure you have your own meat sauce recipes, but if you don’t drop me a note in the comment box and I will give you mine, the scratch and Super fast version.

After you have finished cooking the meat sauce and it’s simmering nicely. Take two tablespoons of Thai fish sauce and add it to the sauce and stir well. I know this sounds absolutely crazy. Because you’re probably wondering what does Thai fish sauce have to do with spaghetti Ragu or bolognaise. But again trust me. As this is a commercial kitchen secret that is frequently used in most Italian restaurants – the science behind is the fish sauce is an astringent and that removes the goopy texture that is due to the use of melted cheese in all spaghetti sauces. Instead of coming across as thick and heavy, what you will get is a meatier sauce that doesn’t feel too heavy and it spoons very well.

To recap two things. The liver five minutes after the minced beef, pork or chicken has gone in and at the end, two tablespoons of fish sauce.

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