Contract Girlfriend – the University of unlearning

December 22, 2017

Contract Girlfriend told me she plans to learn this and that and after that she also wants to learn this and that other thing. She looked at me for an opinion….I told her – you should seriously enrol yourself into the university of unlearning. She exclaimed. Is there such a university?

I replied, probably not…but there should be.


‘It is often said a man of knowledge tries to learn something new everyday. But a wise man tries to unlearn something useless everyday. I like this phrase as not only is it very simple and poignant. But also very true as well. As when we consider deeply what are things that really hold us back, it is not usually the things we do not know. Rather it is the many useless thoughts, habits and assumptions that we usually harbor about people, events and everything else in this world.

For example if we can unlearn that happiness doesn’t come from constantly distracting ourselves with mindlessly shopping for things that we don’t really need and simply reclaim the idea of leading a simple life….then lives will be enhanced. If we can unlearn the programming that the world has subconsciously imposed on us and rid ourselves of the corrosive knowledge that to be successful we need to be like this and that and simple centre ourselves to be who we are really meant to be. Then again our lives would be immeasurably enhanced.

Regrettably it is the idea of unlearning that is always given the least priority. Neither is it easy to unlearn either. It is very easy to write about, but putting it into the practice is yet another story. The moment you try to unlearn something your mind will turn against you. Yes, there is a conspiracy happening upstairs.

As a result of this difficulty to unlearn, we usually end up pilling new knowledge on top of layers of old encrusted knowledge that can only leach like blotting paper and ultimately destroy whatever we have learnt….only a fool tries to pour more into a full cup. A wise man on the other hand empties and cleans it and only then does he pour more.’

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