Sandbox politics

December 23, 2017

I can understand if people talk like that in the changing room in the gym or if they’re having a drink in some bar in nowherevilles, where no one either knows them or cares to remember their car plates….but to talk like this at this level of the game in the world stage…well that takes the cake lah!

The American people by and large are fine, upstanding and worthy bunch…they deserve much better than what’s currently served up at KFC.


‘People have asked me why don’t you want Singapore to get close to the US. They call me all sorts of nasty names everything ranging from conspiracist to a downright anarchist….but look. Now I am not going to say, ‘I told you so!’ Well actually I am in a round about sort of way. As it bears repeating only because it’s so true – I’ve said many times at the rate the current Trump administration is haemorrhaging good will, influence and its capacity to come across as a rational mover and shaker in the world. Any country that is allied to her will just go right down the chute….best to take a seat and watch it all go by without ever saying a word.’

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