Overthinking will kill your sense of reality

December 25, 2017

Man shouted out in an anguished tone, the Mother of all tyhpoons is going to hit Vietnam and it’s tail is likely to bring excessive rains to these parts. It seems he has been surfing the internet the whole night worried sick.

I advised him not to surf the internet so much…..be calm.


‘I am not saying thinking per se is bad. In fact I regularly encourage it. As I believe the mind is not so different from a muscle group. When the mind is exercised regularly only then can it perform to serve reliably. But there is a big difference between constructive and excessive thinking.

Excessive thinking is when the mind runs amok….thought after thought are piled one of top of another and served up fast and furious to the mind. Often excessive thinking goes everywhere till it settles on a few doom and gloom scenarios (real and imagined) that keeps repeating itself on autoplay mode….I don’t mind admitting. I have a tendency to fall into this mind trap. Where the mind begins to form a vicious loop very much in a way a cat chases its own tail. If I have a chest pain…I think it’s cancer. It could well be a thousand other things, but since cancer is the worst of them all…the excessively thinking mind renders it realer real. At other times these negative thoughts go round and round and all the while it gathers momentum and strength, till the insignifacnt, implausible and ridiculous destroys all traces of reality along with sound judgement.

Good or what I like to call thinking in moderation is the opposite of a mind that is jumping here, there and everywhere like a monkey…..often thoughts are merely treated very much as fleeting scenes. They come and go. Don’t try to restrict them. As that is not possible. And even if that can be done. It will require so much effort that it only drive you to exhaustion.

Instead just watch them all unfold in the movie screen in your mind without the need to judge or cling to them…just watch them go right by without clinging to them in such a way where you may feel fearful and anxious….as I said earlier, it is not easy for me to remind myself to do this whenever I find myself thinking excessively….perhaps by writing about it here. I will be reminded to think only moderately without being to clingy.’

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