What is a good religious man?

December 27, 2017

It cannot be how much he knows. Because what he knows may not be right or for that matter good for everyone. It certainly cannot be how many times he prays either or how well he remembers his chants and verses. As even a parrot can do all that. If there is such a thing as a true measure of what is a good religious man….it must be how his enemies regard him. If they look upon him as someone who they believe, they want to aspire to be….then I think that person has to be a very good religious man.


‘To my understanding. All religions are first and foremost premised on love, compassion and thoughtfulness. So for me the right way to asses whether a person is a good or bad religious man is to simply ask – how loving, compassionate and thoughtful is he to people and planet? In my opinion the other things matter very little…they are optional and side dishes like whether he can walk on water or thru walls. Well that at least is how I have always seen it. It is after all my personal opinion.’

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