Constructive ambiguity

December 29, 2017

Not very long ago. I was approached by a group of landowners concerning a land deal. During the meeting I made it clear that I am definitely interested. I even leaned over to one of them to whisper certain payment arrangements….

After that I did not follow up….I showed absolutely no interest in pursuing the matter….it was as if it never ever happened.


‘Constructive ambiguity is a term generally credited to Henry Kissinger, said to be the foremost exponent of the negotiating tactic it designates. It refers to the deliberate use of ambiguous language on a sensitive issue in order to advance some political purpose. Constructive ambiguity is a form of disinformation and misdirection often used to disorientate and confuse the enemy. It can be used to create cognitive dissonance that has the effect of paralysing the enemy due to the inflood of contradictory information.’

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