December 31, 2017

This afternoon the world’s most holiest man told me that he had accomplished a miraculous feat. He has just finished memorizing his holy book and can recount every single word unfailingly. Holy man went on to tell me, this would make him a spiritual giant.

I told him, I happen to know of a blue color parrot who can memorise and recount every single name and number from a thick telephone book…the parrot is so spiritually powerful it can even fly around the room and do this at the same time.

Can you do the same?

The world’s holiest man ran away.


‘Being spiritually whole and complete may or may not include the idea of the creator. I feel the need to state my opinion clearly on this subject as some crazy people will tell that it is not possible to accomplish spiritual maturity without the idea of religion or believing in a creator.

This is pure nonsense….poison!

The only reason why I say this is simply because from my personal observations….spiritualism has nothing whatsoever to do with what you choose to believe or disbelieve….it has nothing to do with schools of thoughts or even states of mind or even whether you know these things well or know it not.

That is knowledge and it should never be confused with spiritualism that is a form of wisdom.

Instead spiritualism has more to do with one’s state of consciousness. That is to say one’s capacity to understand things, events and people for what and who they really are and not what others may say they might be….this consciousness that is the capacity to understand is what gives it power over mere knowledge.’

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