The power of awareness

December 31, 2017

Some time back ago I went for a business meeting. At some point I realised it was a trap. Naturally I did not let the other side know that I know….I listened and even made the best effort to remain convivial and come across as agreeable….reasonable….and interested.

I did not resist….I simply played right on like a fish taken by the hook, line and sinker.

In the days following the meeting…the line went slack…there was no more sensation of pull any longer from the other side. Of course they tried very hard…..but none.

It is accurate to say the fish must have worked it’s way out of the hook and slipped away.

How it did so….no one it seems quite knows.


‘When you walk into a room. The first thing that hits everyone is the power of your awareness. For some people their power is like rusty radar that is manned by an operator who is there but actually somewhere else. Since he has taken a mental holiday from himself – so the level of awareness registers very little.

For others since they constantly in a mental state of perpetual embattlement with the power and politics of their smart phones….their radar is permanently swarmed by white noise. So they are likely not to register anything at all. Even if an atomic bomb explodes next to them, they will not know.

But when you are there you are there – it’s like driving a car. Most people when they drive are subconsciously having a conversation with themselves without even realising. They are replaying many scenes that once transpired in the movie theatre in their head…they may well be looking out of the windscreen, but their attention is focused on this other movie….or maybe th y are reliving some incident from the past….so while they are physically there. They are really somewhere else.

But when a person practises total awareness. And this is term that the English vocabulary and the western school of thought lacks an adequate word to describe. In the way of the sword, it is described as Zanshin.

Zanshin is not just being all there….it is much more than that.

I will talk about this more.’

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