Never be afraid to trust your hands

January 5, 2018

Never allow ignorant people to shame you in such a way where you are afraid to learn how to trust your hands…….because there is nothing more edifying and satisfying in this world than to be able to trust your handiwork completely and absolutely.


‘I put myself thru university in the U.K by holding down as many jobs as I could manage. I did not give a shit about how many hours the law said I could work as a foreign student…to my understanding it’s free market and in this economy of skills I worked as many jobs as I could. As a cook, then chef, shoe artist, skyscraper antennae maintenance technician, welder etc etc etc etc.

You don’t actually realise it when you’re doing all these things…what’s it all for. That’s because you’re to far at the front end of your life….but later on in life it all comes back. Maybe you have to shape metal with a hammer because you’re too far out in the wild. Maybe you cook someone a delightful french omelette for breakfast just to show them you’re not just some grunt who has dirt underneath his nails. Just to tell them…I bet you didn’t know eggs could taste this good! Maybe if you really like that person you even cook them a candle light dinner that they will probably never forget even if they grow really old and wrinkly like a dried up prune….my point is you can do all these things. As you are not ashamed to work with your hands.’

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